Welcome to Salty Surf Popoyo / Nicaragua

15 Years of Experience in Nicaraguan Paradise

“Salty Surf Popoyo: Your base camp for your trip to Nicaragua.”

“Customizable vacations, holidays and surf trips for an unforgettable adventure”

-Location, Location, Location…BEACHFRONT Surf House

-Modern, Comfortable, Plenty of Space

-Awesome community

-Great restaurants only steps away

-Amazing surf spots minutes away by beach

-Numerous activities 

Modern and comfortable beachfront surf houses at Popoyo Beach, one of the finest beaches on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua.

Whether you are by yourself, with friends, with your partner, your family; if you are a surfer, adventurous soul, digital nomad or working remotely, you’ll enjoy this stretch of coast and untouched paradise found here in Popoyo.

At SALTY SURF POPOYO, you live your own adventure at your own rhythm, at your own schedule. Our team will be here to help you organize this journey.

We have more than 15 years of experience surfing in Nicaragua and built one of the first surf camps. We know what you need to organize your trip and we know what you’ll need during your adventure.

SALTY SURF POPOYO are the surf houses we wish we could have found on our first surf trip in Nicaragua. And this is the spot that will make your “Nica” adventure truly unforgettable.

More than a beach, you’ll discover Nicaragua:  an amazing country with a nice culture, great people, and many activities – surfing and more – that you can enjoy… barefoot in the sand, on Popoyo Beach!

“Enjoy, you’re in Popoyo, Nicaragua

“Modern & comfortable Surf Houses on Popoyo Beach/ Nicaragua

Our three surf houses and studio are centrally located on Popoyo Beach,  in between Rancho Santana “Playa Santana” to the south and Magnific Rock “Beginners Bay” to the north.

Modern, plenty of space and an unbeatable location for our fully equipped surf houses.

  • A/C
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Fast Internet
  • King-size bed
  • Cleaning included

For siestas or simply relaxing outside, you’ll have the choice between hammocks, lounge chairs or sitting under the palm-frond roofed palapa – all in front of the ocean where guests meet to enjoy the amazing sunsets on the Pacific Ocean.

That’s life at our beachfront surf houses in Popoyo/ Nicaragua.

So many activities to do in the Popoyo area and in Nicaragua:

  • Surfing
  • Horseback Riding
  • Fishing
  • Yoga
  • Golf
  • Gym
  • Massage

Day Trips or Half Day Trips:

  • Hot Baths in Las Salinas
  • Tide Pools at Guasacate
  • Volcano Tour in Masaya ( See the lava from the top of the Volcano, a must do)
  • Masaya Market
  • Granada, Colonial Town

Thanks to our central location on Popoyo Beach, you have plenty of options to go out to eat or just to have a drink.

More than 10 restaurants are close by, less than 15 minutes walk away.

From local restaurants offering Casado  (a typical Nicaraguan dish of chicken/ fish with rice & beans and salad) to “fancy” restaurants, you’ll find an option suited to your wishes (from $5 to $20 per meal).

Popoyo highlights:

  • Gyros & burgers at Castaways
  • BBQ at Café con Leche
  • Fiestas at Popoyo Republic
  • Sunsets at Magnific Rock

If you want to cook:

  • las “Bajatas” are fruits & veggie trucks that stop by almost every day at the gate
  • fresh fish can be bought directly from the local fishermen when they are back from fishing
  • grocery / meat delivery from local businesses, shops and restaurants.

If you’d like to come home to a fresh, home-cooked meal, Yoconda is a friendly and experienced cook who can come for either a full day or a half day to make breakfast, lunch and dinner. She’ll create delicious food made with love.

We found Popoyo in 2005 on accident during a surf trip through Central America.  We immediately felt in love with the country and the Popoyo area. As surfers we found a paradise, offshore winds every day, amazing beach breaks, perfect reef breaks, really long point breaks, friendly locals and even some secret spots.

The Popoyo area has some of the best surf spots in Nicaragua. Reef breaks, beach breaks, point breaks, outer reefs, each with waves for all levels of surfers from 3 to 75 years old.

The offshore wind all day, all year round is a unique phenomenon which allows you to surf all day from sunrise to sunset.



  • Santana, a punchy beach break with plenty of peaks where you can work on your tube riding. ( 7 min walk by the beach). High tide spot.


  • Playa Rosada, a left point break on the rocks, for expert surfers (the beach is amazing even if you don’t surf (15 min walk by the beach, north of Santana)


  • Popoyo Reef, this famous A frame wave with waves all day (high tide/ low tide, small swells/ big swells) (20 min walk by the beach)

MAG ROCK aka Beginners Bay

  • Beginners Bay with 2 options, the left point break following the point or the “fatty wave” in the middle of the bay… a perfect spot for kids, beginners, and longboards…and even experts surfers during big south swells. (10 min walk by the beach)

You can reach all these spots walking on the beach…The area is small and there are plenty of other waves and surf spots to discover by car, motorbike or by boat.

With more than 15 years of surf experience in Nicaragua we’ll give you the good advice and tips you need about all the surf spots in the area and Nicaragua (tides, levels, how to go, when to go; we’ll send you a road book with all the information and map for the locations).

Each house / studio has its own office with an excellent wifi connection (fast and stable).  In the event of power outages, we are equipped with backup batteries.

Everything is quickly accessible on foot, so your time is optimized!!!

For surfers, you are close enough to have a quick surf session before or after work or between calls.

For non-surfers, you can easily fit in a stroll on the beach, yoga,  time to chill in the hammocks, and enjoy the evening at a restaurant.

The choice is yours!

“Life is better in Popoyo / Nicaragua